"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and the one who is wise saves lives." - Pro. 11:30

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Women's Care Medical Center Bulletin
January 15, 2018   Vol. 10, No. 1
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Eternal Statistics
Eternal Statistics - October - December 2017

Pregnancy Tests. . . 130

Abortion Minded/Vulnerable. . . 130

Chose Life. . . 125

Salvations. . . 27

Babies Born. . . 100

Parenting Classes. . . 155

Other Appointments. . . 134

Total Ministry Appts. . . 477


Sexual Risk Avoidance Classes. . . 91

Students Taught. . . 2,198


Life in the News
National Sanctity of Human Life Day
Sunday, Jan 21

National Sanctity of Human Life Day began with President Ronald Reagan's Proclamation of 1984.


Life at the Center
The Great Paradox - The Value of a Life

Our world is assaulted by catastrophic events, from destructive hurricanes to church shootings and public massacres.  When such devastation occurs, we see the outpouring of humanity as we mourn for the loss of lives.  We are compelled to do something, anything, as we are moved by compassion for the families who have lost love ones.  As a society, we recognize the value of life and are devastated by such loss.  We want relief and assistance for areas destroyed by hurricanes and we want justice for random acts of violence, yet we, as a society, do not make the connection with abortion. 


Herein lies the paradox:


How do we determine that one life has value over another?     


Why do we not mourn the loss of 1 million babies aborted every year in our nation?      


How can we so easily recognize the value of the lives lost in such catastrophic events and yet disregard the catastrophic effects abortion has on human life? 


How is abortion any different than slavery or genocide? 


Why are we not demanding justice for those who cannot demand it for themselves? 


These are hard questions.  They reveal the absurdity and inconsistency of our society’s benevolence.  Our society has powerful organizations and human rights activists that devote themselves to human rights and the protection of the weak all the while supporting the largest human rights violation in the world. 


Life begins at conception.  This scientific fact is no longer debatable.  It is at the moment of conception that an entirely unified individual human being, wholly unique and distinct, begins a process of development that will eventually lead to an independent life outside the womb, unless halted by nature or human hands. 


May we not be found guilty of becoming indifferent to the greatest human rights violation this world has ever known.  Let us love and let live.




2017 Life Triumphs

For 27 years, Women’s Care Medical Center has recognized the catastrophic effects of abortion.  We mourn the losses, we are moved by compassion, and we fight for justice, every single day.


2017 Life Triumphs


We began offering free pregnancy testing on the campus of Coastal Alabama Community College.


We officially opened our Gulf Shores location and have experienced rapid growth.


We witnessed 365 babies born and 127 men and women receive salvation.


Over 96% of our clients chose life for their child.



Upcoming Events
Walk for Life. . . Coming Soon
Saturday, Feb 24, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

 Our Annual Walk for Life and 5K Fun Run is right around the corner.  This is a great way for everyone and anyone to get involved in a mission-minded endeavor that yields profound results in the lives we touch.  The Walk for Life and 5K Run made possible for 2017’s Life Triumphs.  It unites our communities as we gather to make a stand and proclaim that ALL life matters.  Make plans now to join us on February 24th at any of our 6 walk locations or 5K Fun Run. For more information, visit our events page online at FriendsofWCMC.org.





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